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What's your opinion of ghosts?

I have worked around cemeteries and funeral homes all of my life. I have also been interested in ghosts and the spirit world for most of my life. As far as ghosts, I don't profess to know all of the answers and I make absolutely no claim as to being an expert on this subject by any means. But then, who really is? I have found that the so-called "experts" do make claims that they have the answers to the much asked questions about ghosts. However, I challenge them to tell me how they know this stuff.
The experts in carpentry, electronics, plumbing, auto repair, etc., get their knowledge from schooling in these fields plus on the job they come in contact with problems that are real. But ghost experts read books, come up with ideas and thoughts about ghosts and hauntings. But that's all it is...thoughts! After all, what scientific proof do we have that these creatures, for lack of a better discription, really exist?
People will say, "I can't see the air, but I know it's there." Or, "I can't see gas vapors but I can smell them, therefore, they exist." If this is the argument they are using about the existance of ghosts, then all I have to say is..."dah?" Yes, that's stupid but so are the reasons I have just given to explain the supernatural.
Now, don't get me wrong, actually, I believe in ghosts. I don't believe that people are experts in the occult and I don't believe in mediums the same as I don't believe in fortune tellers. I don't believe that people can speak to ghosts other than to talk to a dead friend or family member in a way of affection. Mediums can't talk to dead people any more than I can get a lower electric rate. How could they? These people are dead! No medium has ever won the lottery that I know of. And no medium has ever predicted the future. If they could, where were they on 9-10-2001? But enough about mediums.
As I stated before, I have been interested in ghosts for most of my life. And I believe completely that I have seen at least two of them in my past. On one occasion, I saw my father about two weeks after his funeral sitting in his favorite chair in the living room about 11:00 at night reading the newspaper. And the other occasion I actually caught the event on a photograph. (See link at top sidebar of this page to go to my Ghost Photo blog). So, yes, I believe that ghosts exist. But in what medium? Like the other so-called "experts", I have my ideas. And they may sound a little far-fetched. But no more so than the others I've heard.

Must be the ghost of Jim Morrison

First, I have noticed that most ghosts don't see us. They wonder around a room and sort of look "out of it". Also, I don't believe ghosts are "full" bodied. I think they are misty, a kind of a fog but in a semi-human form. And when someone claims to have seen one and says, "They were dressed as a soldier", or, "They had a big, dark overcoat on". I am a firm believer that when a person dies, the clothing, being an inadiment object, stays in the grave on the corpse. Only the spirit leaves the box. This is why I believe that a ghost is only a mist.
Another thing is that ghosts are mostly seen for only a few seconds and their gone. If they had a real mission here on earth, why not stick around for awhile to get it done? And as far as that mission, I hear people say all the time, "ghosts are people who are hear because they died before they could finish something. So they won't "cross over" untill they can finish that deed. And just when in the hell are they going to finish it? I never hear of a ghost really doing anything. Oh sure, they do in the movies. In films ghosts always have an important mission and they always manage to get it done. But, then, why don't we see them chopping wood, vacuuming the carpets, mopping the floors or picking the kids up from school? But, all kidding aside, this is how foolish I think these people sound. But then, there MUST be a reason for them to be here. Did they miss their flight? What?
After things I have read, seen and talked with others about, I have my own ideas about the supernatual. I believe that it is possible, and maybe I'm wrong, that there could be two demensions to our world. One is our side of the "wall", the other is their's. They stay on their side and we stay on our's. Their side is set up as they remember it in their lifetime. Furniture, rooms, buildings, objects, tools, etc., are all from their period. And if they do wear clothing, that's why it's always from their period of time.
They continue to live within their lifetime in a spiritial way. But they are in the same spot as we are. In other words, in your house, you have the ghosts of past residents who have died. But you can't see them, hear them or touch them. At least not very often.
How many times do you move around your home and bump something very slightly, then you look and there's nothing there? How many times are you sitting in a chair or in bed watching TV and feel something touch you but there's nothing there? And how many times do you hear something and look around to see that nothing is there? Well, what do you think?
But the real clincher is when you see something, or someone. You may be walking down a hall, entering a room, laying on your couch watching a ballgame and, for a very brief second or two, you catch the glimpse of a person passing a doorway, or at the other end of the hall, etc. You call your wife or room mate and ask if they walked by but they say they weren't in the area. You get a cold chill on your neck but you shrug it off as just "seeing things". Well, all these events could be a ghost passing into your medium briefly.

Police accident picture. By the way, it was a fatal accident

I'll explain a little bit more clearly...It would be somewhat the same if you had a wall between you and another person and that wall had one single window. You wouldn't know that person was there unless they passed by the window and you could see them for a moment. That is the window between us and the spirit world. We never know that they are there, but once in a great while, they pass by that window and we see them, or we hear them, or we bump into them. That, I think, is a ghostly encounter.
To me, this would explain a lot about these events. And one more thing, I don't believe a ghost can physically harm anyone aside from scaring them to death. A mist can only motion to you. It can't actually touch you. And I want to stress that, in my opinion, ghosts don't even know your there. They don't see us. However, I suppose it's possible that if we see them at times, they could probably see us at times. But I believe that when they do see us, we don't see them. In other words, we don't see each other at the same time.
Personally, I think that these thoughts explain a lot as far as the discriptions I've heard of ghost sightings. But again, I do not in any way, shape or form, admit or profess that I am any sort of expert. But again, I think that for those who claim to be, they are talking through their a----, well, they are wrong! Let's leave it at that.
So the next time you spot someone in another room, or hear a clink or a clank, you may have just looked through that window into an other medium that runs along with our's. Or, you can choose not to believe in ghosts. But then, why do you believe in air? And if your laying on your couch, watching the big game on TV when you see one of them, tell them to get you a beer as long as they're up.